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what or who or where is radyo?

From the Unorthodoxed Modern Fillish* Dictionary:

radyo [RAH-joh] - n. 1. Filipino for "radio" (English). 2. an electronic audio-medium communication device. 3. that kewl thing from which you listen music. 4. that kewl thing that you plug in & turn on to be turned on. 5. the name of a Filipino band which plays rock music (questionable). 6. the handle name of a kewl TeenToma.Com member. 7. a concept in art, specifically in music; and even more specifically, in Philippine rock music. 8. the person behind some nice webpage designs...

and so to answer your question:

radyo is a Filipino human of the same alias who was born as Ronjie Aquino and writes verses & music and is based in Manila.

how can i contact radyo?

because radyo is ronjie is radyo is ronjie, you can simply contact ronjie and you're actually contacting radyo who is actually ronjie. but you're contacting ronjie but he's radyo. anyways, the bottomline is e-mail radyo at this address:


the messages sent to which simply forwards to ronjie's e-mail. contact ronjie via:


you can send feedback via this address, too. just click the back button of your browser to return here!

is radyo available for recording?

are you serious? my voice sucks for singing!

so would you like someone to sing your songs for you?

that's great! that's exactly how i'd like things to happen. i'd want to have some influence on who can sing my songs though. there's a certain delivery to my songs (because they're my songs) and i don't want just anyone to sing them. they have to be sung with the proper emotion. then maybe i'll get commission for every so and so copies that the song makes.

your songs are great. i think i'm falling in love with you. would you write a song for me?

sorry i'm taken. heehhee... and i only write songs about people whom i've been with or have had some experience with. (don't get me wrong on that 'experience' word!) if you're a filipino/filipina, i could write a song about you. but not only about you but about filipinos in general, including you!

you know what?


why is it that i feel like you copied this q&a style from somewhere else?

uhmmm... uhhh... are you talking about this site -> click here<- ? i didn't copy that website's style! they're the ones who copied my style! i thought of this style back in 1972!

so when were you born?

i'm a gemini or gemini-cancer born in 1977. ;-)

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