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"...probably the first of its kind on the net!"
-- internet addict


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original guitar compositions

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Listen to the Counting Crows and appreciate acoustic (guitar & voice only, etc.) performance in RealAudio.
I created this website as an unofficial, illegal mirror of the original countingcrows.com site. I don't claim ownership of the contents of this webpage, though! please don't sue me!


these things are really weird.

  • thoughtless
    feelin' high .. floatin' in the air .. did you say something?
  • firerain
    it's really just 'thoughtless' with less steroids..

these things are really less weird.
it's only because they're not really my originals.
they're someone else's midis then i gave it a makeover. now it's funkier than ever.

r@dyo's cover performances
enjoy these guitar renditions of:

  • it might be you (stephen bishop)

  • man in the mirror (michael jackson)

  • more than you'll ever know (michael ruff)

  • when can i see you again (babyface)

  • be my number two (jim jackson?)

  • on bended knees (boyz ii men)

  • i don't want you to go (?)

  • my endless love (lionel richie? & someone..)

  • one last cry (brian mcknight)

  • time after time (cyndi lauper, inoj)


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