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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Corner of P. Tuazon and 20th street in Quezon City

Some time in the middle of 2004, I made a left turn on P. Tuazon going to 20th street, coming from Katipunan Avenue. There was a black Honda CRV in front of me so I thought... No, I didn't think of anything.

And then voila! There were these MMDA Traffic Enforcers and one (or two) police officers flagging the CRV and me down. The CRV zoomed ahead (God bless that driver), and I, being the law-abiding citizen that I am, pulled over to the side.

So I asked the apprehending police officer after he asked for my driver's license, "What did I do wrong, sir?" (Of course, this was all in my native Filipino language.) "That corner was a no-left-turn corner." "I did not see any signs, sir." "There is a sign." "For real?" "Yes." "Okay, I guess if what you are saying is true, give me a ticket then."

"Oh wait a minute, you live in Sta. Mesa, Manila. You will have to get your license at the Quezon City Hall, which is quite far from where you live..." SHORT OF SAYING, "JUST PAY ME AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET A TICKET."

So I said, "That's alright." "Are you sure?" "Yes, sir." So I surrendered my license and got my ticket.

The next day, I passed by the intersection again. So there is a no left turn sign... PROBLEM IS, THE NO-LEFT-TURN SIGN IS PLACED SO THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE TURNING LEFT WOULD NOT SEE IT! If you are facing the intersection, it's placed on the corner on the left, but no, not across the street, it's on the side you're on! So, drivers, because being trained to generally look in the forward direction, would not notice the sign! It's supposed to be on the corner where I'm turning left to, or adjacent to the traffic lights (where drivers look)!

Calling the attention of the METRO MANILA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY! Mr. BAYANI FERNANDO, Hello! (Thanks to TsokolateBulate for the correction!)

Anyway, as of April 12, 2005, this has been corrected. The sign is now placed at the proper position.