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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Booming photo studio does not issue sales receipt

Many Filipinos apply for a Japanese VISA everyday. One of the requirements for a VISA application are two photos.

When I went to the Japanese Embassy on April 8, 2005, I asked the security guard what were the requirements. He told me that two photos are necessary. I asked, "that's all?" He said yes and he pointed me to this lady who will bring me to a photo studio nearby.

So the lady accompanied me... to inside the just-adjacent Hyatt Hotel building. There's a photo studio there and I think the name is "Jen-san's Photography"... Damn, I forgot!

Anyway, THEY DO NOT ISSUE A SALES RECEIPT. Not for me, and not for at least two other customers who were there (the one before me, and the one after me). They charged me P150 for four photos. Did I need four photos? Anyway, I guess that's standard.

I hope the Embassy security guard does not have a "slice" of my 150 peso-pie.


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