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life, music, & lyrics of ronjie

Location:Manila, Philippines

ronjie is a licensed engineer, budding artist, aspiring entrepreneur, sports enthusiast, working student, novice philosopher, frustrated singer-songwriter, hopeless romantic, above-average computer whiz, and eldest of two sons of moje. ronjie believes in the importance of continuous learning and loving, and the temporal nature of our life on earth. ronjie dreams of spending loads of quality time with his loved ones, doing noble deeds like charity work, writing inspiring books, and having that one day to just look back at life and be able to say "i have loved completely." ronjie enjoys conversations about love and life, cracks jokes almost every now and then, is a sure friend who could listen, and is someone you can consult about the earthquake safety of buildings and structures!

Sunday, May 30, 2004


october 2000

i'm glad to hear that you're doing alright
as long as you're okay, i'm okay too
i wish to talk to you later tonight
just to make sure i can still see you
is a brand new day
and i wish i'll have the chance to say
that i've been thinking of you
but i don't know what to do

people come and people go
you're the only one who'll stay in my heart i just know
'cause i believe in you and me and that dreams really come true
and i won't stop believin' until i hear you say "i love you, too"

you can break my heart but
i won't ever stop until
my heart will stop beating for you
when is that, i can never tell
so listen as my heart speaks as it
has only one goal to meet and
that is to be with you
but i don't know what to do...


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