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i don't get it!
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let's talk about sex, baby!
let's talk about you and me. let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that maybe. let's talk about anything under the sun. visit the discussion forums.
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lost & found?
please tell me about it, my saviour!

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the r@dyo website
listen to all original songs, cover performances & tracks on mp3 or midi format or read fresh poetry from r@dyo.
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ronjie the portal
you say "my yahoo!" now you can have ronjie all to yourself. visit this no-nonsense portal which has only all the things you need to navigate the internet.
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read and/or download engineering books, notes, theses, and free software. ask for a quotation on professional engineering services. find links to very useful internet resources on engineering. get tips on how to take engineering licensure/board exams. oh and, coaching a basketball team is engineering, too. learn basketball engineering from coach potato.
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cybernet live!
do you remember? the good old days! it's all right here! reminisce and relive the b.b.s. that started it all for the most of us.
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download download download
oh yes. it's what everyone on the internet does. don't be left out!
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computing tips!
whether it's for your desktop pc, or your palm... we've got some tips for you right here that will make your computing more efficient and save you time to do.... well... a lot more things!
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>> macintosh, linux or pocket pc user? we'll give you tips when i get the money to buy systems with these operating systems. click on the link anyway, and sign-up for an announcement via e-mail on when these features would be available.

hosted websites hosts a dozen other websites including earlier versions of ronjie's personal websites and the "ex pages", home of ronjie's famous experimental pages.
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